Never Been Done Before...Until Now!

The past couple of weeks marked a key milestone as we started onsite installation of the Halo video board at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. As the new home to the Atlanta Falcons (NFL), Atlanta United FC (MLS), and many of the upcoming landmark events in sports and entertainment, Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be a technological showcase we are proud to be a part of, and one of the most awaited new construction facilities in all of sports.


With over 18,000 LED video installations under our belt, we, nor any other sporting facility has seen an LED installation like this one. The Halo board has been anticipated since visuals were released over three years ago depicting what the new facility was looking to incorporate for LED
digital signage.

Credit: Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Since then, we have worked together with representatives from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium design and structural project teams, to fully understand their direction for the project and help bring their creative and forward-thinking concepts for the new stadium to life. All while keeping their end goals in mind to meet and exceed their every expectation. Everyone is looking for that next game changer in technology in sporting facilities, to set themselves apart and provide something that will resonate as unique to their facility, or never been done before.

 Bringing a creative and first-of-its-kind concept to life takes groundbreaking innovation from a company that lives and breathes these challenges and this marketplace. Our proven engineering, project management, manufacturing, and installation staffs, were tasked with many challenges on this project to create, design, and install a massive display hanging high above the playing field, that will create an immersive fan and game-day experience that is unique, memorable and unparalleled.

While there are many challenges with an unprecedented design like the Halo board, we have been looking forward to this point in the project as many of the other video displays at Mercedes-Benz Stadium are installed, and now it is time to turn to the most anticipated piece, the Halo board.

 As perhaps the most visual and iconic element fans will notice when they enter Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the 360-degree Halo video board design started with a vision to introduce and produce something never been done before in facility design. A desire and aspiration to think outside the box of standard digital signage shapes and sizes and provide a revolutionary display to the size and scale never seen before. Something that pushed the limits of engineering capabilities with groundbreaking innovation. And it took an experienced, proven team eager to take on the challenge